Tax Investigation

Our Tax Investigations Service will provide you with full representation from an expert to handle HMRC on your behalf.

Whether its an investigation or enquiry into your personal tax, your limited company tax, VAT, payroll, tax credits, rental property or capital gains we can help.

The nightmare scenario for tax payers is the dreaded enquiry letter dropping on their doorstep. Rather than panicking and ringing the tax office who often record what you say its always best to get professional advice and an adviser behind you who will deal on your behalf.

We have dealt with many types of enquiries some have lasted for over 2 years but have always settled successfully where the client has had a satisfactory conclusion.

Quite often there may be little or nothing to pay but in complex areas we have helped clients to ensure they do not pay more than they should. Quite often there is pressure on clients to give in and pay more, we will ensure this does not happen.

If you have had an investigation letter from the tax office and do not have an adviser or do not feel confident with your existing accountant give us a call. The one thing we will guarantee you is we will give you an honest assessment and a reasonable price.

Unlike other firms we will not see a client with an investigation as an opportunity to rip them off with ridiculous fees.

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