Professionals with Limited Companies

Professionals with Limited Companies

It has become common place for professionals such as IT consultants, engineers, doctors, opticians, pharmacists, dentists et cot provide their service via their own limited company.

The savings in tax can be substantial in comparison to them being employed. With the rules on IR35 for public sector workers coming in we are here to advise on what is most appropriate for you.

We will help to set up the company and ensure you comply with VAT, payroll and corporation tax and personal tax requirements. We will deal with all the requirements including submission of your accounts, tax returns, confirmation statements, payroll and VAT on time so you can focus on your work.

Many young professionals with little time to research often fall into the hands of online accountancy firms who will charge monthly fees and as its an online service there is very little they do for that fee.

There is no personal face to face meetings, no tax advice given by a professional and often the client will be paying excessive fees for very little service. We can provide a personal service designed to minimise tax often at less than half their price.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can guarantee you we will give you a price and service online firms cannot match.

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