Personal Tax

Personal Tax

There are various reasons why you might have to complete a personal tax return (also called a self assessment return). The most common reasons are:

- You are self-employed running a small business in your own name.

- You are part of a partnership and have to submit a tax return showing your share of the partnership.

- You have an income source other than employment income which has not been taxed such as rental income.

- You have more than one source of income and may have under or over paid tax in the year.

- You have sold land or property and need to declare capital gains tax .

- You have income on which too much tax has been paid and you need to submit a return to claim a refund of the tax.

- You live abroad but have income in the UK which needs to be declared to HMRC.

Whatever your reason we can help to prepare and submit the tax return and ensure it is correct and submitted on time. We can also provide a submit only service where you have all the information to be included and just need us to submit it. We also provide a review only service where we will do a full check on your return before you submit it yourself.

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