Our History

With over 25 years' experience.

Our History

Alpha Accountants and Tax Advisors Ltd was set up in March 2009 in Small Heath in Birmingham. The sole partner in the company, Amjad Rayaz came from a background which started at a small firm and then spent 12 years working for big firms, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He immediately realized issues in the local area when it came to clients and accountancy firms. Most of the local firms were not qualified and were providing a poor service and enticed clients by offering cheap prices. Many clients were totally oblivious to the fact that their accountant was not qualified.

It also became clear those who were using qualified firms were being charged excessive fees due to a lack of qualified firms in the area.

Hence the mission of Alpha Accountants and Tax Advisors Ltd was to educate clients about the importance of using a qualified firm but at the same time offer them a reasonable price.

Over the years Alpha Accountants and Tax Advisors Ltd has built its reputation as a practice that offers a quality service at a reasonable price.

Our aim is to be honest with clients, not take advantage of their situation and be clear on our fees and service we can provide.

Having run the practice for a number of years it became clear we needed to advance ourselves in the ever changing accountancy field. With many changes in the pipeline we firstly decided to move to a more convenient location with modern offices and to provide a service in line with the requirements of clients today.

Hence at our current offices where we moved to in February 2017 we aim to provide a modern service making full use of online technology, software and provide in house services beyond the standard services a practice normally provides.

With over 25 years of experience dealing with both small and large clients we have built a practice that can provide you with a quality service.

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