Capital Gains Tax

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains tax is due when you sell certain assets such as land, buildings, shares in a business etc. It can amount to a substantial amount and you will certainly need specialist advice to ensure you pay the correct amount.

We have helped many people to minimize tax on the sale of their property and business by utilising various reliefs available to minimize the tax you have to pay.

We also help in dealing with investigations into property you have sold in the past that has not been declared. here the tax office have picked up a property sale you did not declare the penalties can be severe and we can help in dealing the tax office to minimize this by getting your records up to date.

If you think you may have failed to declare capital gains the worst thing to do is keep your head in the sand and hope its not picked up. We always advise its better to declare rather than let the tax office approach you. We can advise you if you need to declare and ensure penalties and tax are kept to a minimum.

In recent cases we have dealt with we have managed to reduce tax by up to 90 % of what was being requested by the tax office.

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