Business Consultancy

Getting your business up and running can seem daunting for example are you better off as self employed or a limited company, do you need a licence before you can trade, the bank may need projected figures or a business plan.

If you are looking to purchase a business are you better off buying the company or just assets?

If you require advice on business set up, applications for licences, assistance with your business terms and conditions, partnership agreements, applications for ISO 9000 or any other registrations/applications we can advise.

If you are doing business abroad we can help you in setting up the right structure and getting your paperwork correct. Your business may benefit by having internal control manuals or employer job descriptions, employer manuals , agreements etc, we can help in setting this up and monitoring it.

Are you looking to sell your business or assets?

We have a specialist team who can advise you on all the above and any other queries you may have.

Have a tax query?