VAT and Payroll


With the introduction of auto enrolment and Pensions in the workplace, small businesses are having to constantly ensure they comply with the rules otherwise risk large penalties.

Payroll has changed totally over the last few years with the introduction of Real Time Information (submitting payroll details on a regular basis in “live” time). We can provide you with payroll services whether you pay weekly or monthly and we will ensure the payroll is submitted on time and you pay your staff on time.

We will also update you on regular changes such as the National Living Wage and advise you on appropriate pay rates and help to get your holiday pay, sick pay and maternity pay correct. We can also assist on doing employment contracts whether its part time, temporary, zero hours contracts you require.

We will advise you on the amounts and deadlines where you need to pay the PAYE and NI to HMRC and will ensure all documents such as P45s, P46s and P60s are done on time.


VAT can be a daunting task to undertake especially for a small business where time is limited. With the more frequent VAT enquiries being carried out it is more important than ever to ensure you are registered on time, you are on the most appropriate scheme and your VAT returns are submitted on time.

We can provide you with advice on all this and prepare and submit your returns on time. We will advise you on what records and documents you need to comply with the VAT rules and will also assist you in dealing with visits from the VAT office.

With ever changing rules on VAT we can keep you up to date and ensure you do not get penalties for being late or for not complying with the rules.

If you are involved in importing and exporting whether its to the EU or further afield we can advise you on duty and VAT rules and ensure you are registered and comply with the complex rules when dealing with international trade.

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